Why would I want multiple cameras?

Shooting your wedding with two cameras helps to ensure as much of the day is captured as possible and it also creates a more pleasing viewing experience.

Won’t having video shot at my wedding  be intrusive?

We try to blend in as much as possible. Just like the photographer our goal is to capture your day the best way possible and as subtle as possible.

Why HD Video? Why widescreen?

We believe in having the highest quality video  possible to work with even if it is eventually watched in standard definition.  Both HD and Widescreen have become standard in todays word.  Our flat panel TV’s, computers, and some portable devices are widescreen and are capable of High Definition video.

What is “CinemaStyle”?

We add an adapter to the HD video camera which allows us to use  photography lenses. This give the movie a cinematic movie feel.

This setup requires more from the videographer with the added weight and manual focusing. The results are beautiful!

see ‘Receiving Line’ in Sample Videos for a great example!

What’s a Highlight Edit?

Here we take the key and special moments and edit them together in a shorter version. This version is great for sharing with friends and family over the web or on a portable device like a video iPod.

What are Effects?

These enhance the look and feel of your movie. They are added to the video in the editing stage of producing your video. Examples: a vintage look, warm look, etc.